HBC Calendar of Events 2017


  • FBI (Faith Bible Institute) Every Saturday 6 PM
  • Wednesday night meals 6 PM






Feb.   Adult Valentine Banquet 10th  6:00 pm  

           Villa Medici-Enkenbach

          Church Lunch 19th after Morning Service


          Family Fun Fellowship  24th   6:00 pm


Mar.    Ladies Night    10th


           Church Lunch  12th

           Family Fun Fellowship   24th   6:00 pm

           Daylight Saving/Spring Forward 26th 


Apr.   Ladies Night    7th

          Lord's Supper 11th

          Easter Lunch   16th

          Family fun Fellowship  28th  6:00pm

May   Ladies Night 5th

          Mothers Day, Men Serve Breakfast 14th 8:30        

          FBI Spring Semester Ends 18th 6 pm

          Church Wide Memorial Day Picnic 29th 12 Noon


June   Ladies Night 2nd

           Kaiserslautern High School Grad.   9th

           Church Lunch 11th Early pm service

           Father/Son Steak Out/Camp Out 16th

           Father's Day  18th



           Church Wide Independence Day Picnic 1st 12 Noon

           Church Lunch 9th early pm service

           Ladies Night 14th


           Lord's Supper  16th

           Family Fun Fellowship  28th  6 pm


Aug.    Ladies Night 4th

            Church Lunch 13th  early pm service 

            Family Fun Fellowship  18th  6 pm


Sept.    Church Wide Labor Day Picnic 2nd 12 Noon

             Ladies Night 8th


             Church Lunch 10th  early pm service 

            Family Fun Fellowship  22nd  6 pm

Oct.     Church Lunch 8th  early pm service 

           Ladies Night 13th


            Family Fun Fellowship  27th  6 pm


Nov.     Ladies Night 3th

            Church Lunch 5th  early pm service 

            Family Fun Fellowship  10th  6 pm

            Veterans Day Celebration 12th

            Thanks Giving Meal 19th


            Pie Fellowship  22nd  6 pm


Dec.     Ladies Night 1st


             Family Fun Fellowship  8th  6 pm


             Church Lunch 10th  early pm service

            Cookie Fellowship 20th 6:00pm

            Adult Christmas Banquet 22nd 6:00 pm


            Candle Lite Lord's Supper 24th  

            Church Lunch 31st  early pm service 

Other Events will be Announced